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Title of the article The Impact of the Main Infrastructure on the Effectiveness of Spatial and Economic Formations: Approaches to the Assessment
Pages 56-71
Author Krasnopolski Boris HananovichKrasnopolski Boris Hananovich
doctor of economics, professor, chief researcher
Economic Research Institute FEB RAS
153, Tikhookeanskaya Street, Khabarovsk, Russia, 680042
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ORCID: 0000-0002-1549-036X
Abstract The problems of studying the role of the main infrastructure as the most important «framework» in the formation of the spatial structure of the country are considered and the main regularities of its influence on the systemic efficiency of spatial formations are substantiated. The methods of regional research, the issues of systemic balance of spatial development, numerical methods for assessing the emergence of spatial systems, the problems of development of territories and water areas of the Far Eastern Arctic, etc. are analyzed.
Code 332
DOI 10.14530/reg.2021.3.56
Keywords main infrastructure ♦ spatial development of Russia ♦ methods and techniques of regional research ♦ systemic efficiency of spatial formations ♦ Far Eastern Arctic
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For citation Krasnopolski B.H. The Impact of the Main Infrastructure on the Effectiveness of Spatial and Economic Formations: Approaches to the Assessment. Regionalistica [Regionalistics]. 2021. Vol. 8. No. 3. Pp. 56–71. (In Russian)
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