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Title of the article The Population of the Far Eastern Federal District: Realities and Prospects
Pages 64-71
Author Motrich Ekaterina LeonidovnaMotrich Ekaterina Leonidovna
doctor of economics, chief researcher
Economic Research Institute FEB RAS
153, Tikhookeanskaya Street, Khabarovsk, Russia, 680042
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Abstract The paper analyzes the current demographic development of the Russian Far East. It shows the nature of the population change in the region (taking into account the Republic of Buryatia and the TRANS-Baikal territory that were included in the FEFD in 2018) in urban and rural areas. The article presents the population dynamics for the administrative centers of the Far Eastern regions and reveals their role in changing the urban population in the corresponding regions of the Far East. The data of three variants of the population forecast in the Far Eastern region are presented and the assumption is made about the possibility of the achievement of corresponding indicators.
Code 314(571.6)
DOI 10.14530/reg.2020.2.64
Keywords Russian Far East ♦ region ♦ population ♦ demographic policy ♦ growth (decrease) ratio ♦ administrative centers ♦ forecast
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