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Title of the article Investment Attractiveness of Regions: Classification Analysis for the Volga Federal District
Pages 57-64
Author 1 Mitrofanov Evgenii PetrovichMitrofanov Evgenii Petrovich
candidate of sciences (economics), associate professor, head of the Department of Information Technology and Applied Mathematics
Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics
49, Losinoostrovskaya Street, Moscow, Russia, 107150
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ORCID: 0000-0002-8722-2321
Author 2 Kulagina Alevtina GrigorievnaKulagina Alevtina Grigorievna
candidate of sciences (economics), associate professor
Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov
15, Moskovsky Prospect, Cheboksary, Russia, 428015
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ORCID: 0000-0001-5914-6029
Abstract Based on 15 indicators of socio-economic situation, an integral indicator of the assessment of investment attractiveness was formed and ranking the subjects of the Russian Federation, which are part of the Volga Federal District. As a result of hierarchical cluster analysis, the Volga Regions are distributed in five clusters, taking into account the standard of living of the population, financial opportunities and industrial production dynamics in 2018. From the point of view of authors, the obtained classification of regions can be used in making decisions on the implementation of investment projects in the Volga Federal District.
Code 330.43+332.144
DOI 10.14530/reg.2021.4.57
Keywords investment attractiveness of region ♦ principal component method ♦ hierarchical cluster analysis ♦ clusters ♦ Volga Federal District
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For citation Mitrofanov E.P., Kulagina A.G. Investment Attractiveness of Regions: Classification Analysis for the Volga Federal District. Regionalistica [Regionalistics]. 2021. Vol. 8. No. 4. Pp. 57–64. (In Russian)
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